Recent Sermons

PEACE IN THE VALLEY, THE GOOD SHEPHERD, PART 3: Psalm 23 Valleys are an unavoidable and unpredictable lot in life, however, they are not unending. There is hope in the valley and you can find peace in the valley if you allow the Good Shepherd to be your guide.
GRACE & GUIDANCE, THE GOOD SHEPHERD, PART 2: Psalm 23- As sheep we need to look to our Shepherd for Grace as restores our soul from guilt, grief and the grudges we hold on to. It is the Good Shepherd who we are dependent on and whom our faith and obedience must align. He so cares for us and truly is the Good Shepherd.
REST FOR YOUR SOUL, THE GOOD SHEPHERD, PART 1: Psalm 23- This world knows worry and stress all too well. As Christians we have the hope of the Good Shepherd to guide us and give us rest when our souls are weary. We can rest in the all sufficiency of Christ and we can delight our souls in stillness with Christ. In this weary world we truly need the Good Shepherd.
THE LORD’S TABLE: I Corinthians 11:17-34 As one of the sacraments we are to partake of the Lord’s table on a regular basis. In this message we examine four aspects of the Lord’s supper we are to remember.