Recent Sermons

THE DISCIPLINE OF EVANGELISM, TRAINING FOR GODLINESS, PART 10- John 1:35-42 As believers we have a responsibility to share the Gospel with others. We are the mouthpieces for God’s message of mercy to the world. In this message Evangelism is defined, we discern our role and learn how to declare the message to a lost world.
THE DISCIPLINE OF THE MIND, TRAINING FOR GODLINESS, PART 9- Romans 12:1-2 The Bible instructs believers to guard our minds. The nature of the mind is sinful and constant nurturing is required. What is the process of nurturing and what is the profit? We learn both from Pastor Andrews in this message on the mind.
THE DISCIPLINE OF INTEGRITY, TRAINING FOR GODLINESS, PART 8- Psalm 15 Integrity is integral to all other disciplines and requires three key parts- Telling the truth, keeping your promises, and exhibiting moral courage. In the end, integrity is the currency of influence.
THE DISCIPLINE OF PARENTING, TRAINING FOR GODLINESS, PART 7- Hebrews 12:7-11 Parenting is the process of teaching and training your children to love God and others, to leave your home in order to establish their own, and to live godly, productive lives for the glory of God.