a word from the pastor

A Grief Considered

Four things prominently stand out as I consider the grief experienced by the death of loved ones.

Easter Madness

Is the competitive spirit one of God’s gifts to us or is it simply a sinful distraction?

Differences in Interpretation

How are we to think about the doctrinal conflicts that rise within the Christian church?

Tried and Purified

The truth that all of our experiences are filtered through a sovereign God who loves us teaches us three important lessons

Church vs. Youth Sports

Three guiding principles to encourage our children to have a competitive spirit and a mature spiritual life.

Preference or Truth?

Christianity declares that the Bible is the standard of truth. Is our faith based on personal preference or objective reality?

“Exvangelical?” Pt. 4

The traumatic experiences in their personal lives that trigger exvangelicals to leave the faith.

“Exvangelical?” Pt. 2

A response to the exvangelical view on the roles of men and women in and out of the church.

“Exvangelical?” Pt. 1

Understanding “exvangelicalism” and the notion that the Bible cannot be taken literally.