a word from the pastor

The “S” Word

In describing his church, a dear friend of mine made a very interesting comment. He said, “The only problem is we never hear about sin.” Sin is being censored out of our culture, and it’s being censored out of our churches. Things once thought sinful are now accepted as normal. We no longer know ...
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Misdiagnosing Man’s Problems

The Doctrine One thing made clear in Scripture is that this present world is under a curse brought about by man’s sin against God. When Adam chose to sin, the creation itself was “subjected to futility” and now yearns for freedom from its “bondage to corruption.” (Romans 8:20-21) The curse bro...
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Sexual-Misconduct: A Biblical Perspective

Just last week three more well-known political leaders resigned as women came forward to accuse them of sexual-misconduct. Listening to news coverage leaves one wondering what, if any, are the moral implications of these events. Allegations of sexual-misconduct are everywhere; filling ...
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