a word from the pastor

Identifying the Rebel

Three common ways the rebel in your child will present itself, what to look for and how to guide them.

“I Did It My Way”

The danger of doing your own thing and going your own way

Where’s Your Passion?

Ask yourself these three questions to know where your true passion lies?

Living in the Real World

To view this world as God’s world, we need to see ourselves relating to him in three ways

Do I Love Football Too Much?

Three questions to help us determine whether or not our love of football has replaced our love for the Lord

Mouth Guard

Learning a few things from Psalm 141 to avoid harmful communication.

Praying for Damar

Christianity and sports: a few observations of America's favorite past time.

Time is a Stewardship

We’re all on borrowed time. Am I using the time I have left wisely?