a word from the pastor

Thoughts on Reading for 2023

If you would improve your mind, challenge yourself spiritually, and broaden your understanding of God’s Word, begin a steady diet of reading.

Beating the Christmas Blues

If you’re fighting a battle with depression or discouragement, I offer a few things that can serve to set you free

Room for Jesus

Three arenas that reveal there’s no room for Jesus.

In Our Own Eyes

Identify the Devil’s strategy of conditioning our hearts towards sin.

Blessed Division

Three ways to make the truth plain for the sincere of heart.

A Noble Exercise

Four things to consider if it’s been a while since you picked up a book.

The Believer’s High

It shouldn’t take a doobie to find peace in this world.

Thanksgiving in 3D

Three ways of thinking about praise that can aid you in the quest of keeping a thankful heart