a word from the pastor

South Africa Missions Update

A group of 13 from Faith Family Church left Monday afternoon on a trip to South Africa to visit and minister at the Indawo Yethemba (“A Place of Hope”) Children’s Village, an orphanage in Pietermaritzburg, a town not far from Durban, the third largest city in South Africa, located on the Indian O...
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Here We Come, South Africa!

Today, I leave for South Africa as part of a 13-member missions team from Faith Family Church. We'll be serving at the South African Children's Resiliency Project (SACRP.org) for almost two weeks. I am hoping to send you updates from the field, Lord willing, so stay tuned by clicking here....
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Let Him Who Thirsts Come

We offer living water to parched souls - In the minds of Cape Town’s leaders, political ideology is more important than the life of its people. We offer living water to parched souls Because a group from our church will be traveling to South Africa this May, a recent article in The Wall Str...
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