Challenge to Fathers: Be a Hero


One of the great tragedies in American society is the absent father. The greatest fall-out of broken and failed marriages is its devastating impact on children. So this Father’s Day I want to put forth a challenge to men who are fathers or who plan to be one day. When children are small dad is their hero. The Bible says, “The glory of children is their fathers.” (Proverbs 17.6) In a day when there are far too few real heroes, it behooves every Christian man to strive to be a role model for children, especially his own.

When I think about men who have impacted my walk with Christ, most of whom are no longer here, I recall some common character traits faithfully exhibited in their lives. It has become too seldom to see these qualities combined in any one man. But I believe they are worth emulating.

1. Speaking to others about Jesus Christ. My own father was a great example of this. Wherever he was and whenever he had opportunity he spoke freely about Jesus. Whether it was a store clerk, home repairman, doctor, or stranger on the street, he would always say something to engage them with the gospel.

2. Consistency in their prayer life. The men I’m reminded about were always ready to pray at any moment. I recall in my own personal interaction with them, or seeing in casual conversation with others, that brief time would always end with prayer. They spoke to God as if they were speaking to their best friend, which apparently he was.

3. Purity of speech. They never spoke immorally or said anything off color. Never, not even once, did they speak anything that would dishonor the Lord Jesus. They never spoke despairingly of others. They would not criticize, ridicule, or slander another person even though they knew the truth about them and easily could have.

4. They spoke easily about spiritual things. They would frequently mention something they’d been reading in their Bible. Even in their old age they would still get excited about finding some treasure in the Word of God. In true humility, they would also ask other people’s thoughts and insights on that particular topic.

5. They adored their wives and children. Their marriages were a true partnership and an example of faithful, sacrificial love. Many of their children grew up to reflect the values they saw faithfully lived out in their father’s life.

6. They were sensible men who made sound decisions and lived by simple faith. They believed God’s promises were true and embraced them in every aspect of life. The priority of their lives was to serve the will of God. It seemed natural to these men who daily walked with God.

These men would never be considered heroes in today’s culture, but they’re heroes to me because of their example and influence. Let us be men who strive after these same qualities. The need for such heroes and examples of faithfulness to Jesus has never been greater. May we by the grace of God purpose to leave to those who come after us an example of faithful love and service to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dad's let's emulate the characteristics of true heroes for our children.