a word from the pastor

Marriage and Long Term Happiness

Does marital happiness last? Does marriage bring happiness to our lives or are people more likely to stay married because they’re naturally happy in their disposition?

God's Frozen People

You may have heard me say, tongue in cheek, that I used to pastor in New Hampshire serving God’s “frozen people.”

Nobody's Perfect

Whenever a person’s flaws are exposed there is a tendency to offer the well-known epithet “nobody’s perfect” citing the glaring reality that all of us make mistakes.

I Am an Evangelical Christian

Will politics, polls, and surveys determine what we call ourselves as followers of Jesus?

Sexual-Misconduct: A Biblical Perspective

Just last week three more well-known political leaders resigned as women came forward to accuse them of sexual-misconduct. Listening to news coverage leaves one wondering what, if any, are the moral implications of these events.

Filling the Vacuum

Kari Paul, writing for MarketWatch, points out how millennials are “ditching religion for witchcraft and astrology.”

The Famous Dead of 2017

Every December, World Magazine publishes a list of famous people who died during that year.

The Miracle of Jesus’ Birth

In a secular age many consider belief in the virgin birth of Jesus an indication of inferior intellect.

The Centrality of God’s Word

I recently read that millennials who identify as evangelical have a much less orthodox theology than their forebears.