a word from the pastor

“Getting Jesus"

You may or may not have seen the ads that bill Jesus as “getting us.” The “HeGetsUs” campaign, rolled out by Haven, a Michigan-based marketing agency, seeks to attract skeptics and cultural Christians by showing how relevant Jesus is to their lives. With a $100 million price tag, it’s the largest...
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Our Responsibility to the Poor

I was recently informed of something interesting that took place last Sunday after the service. Andy, one of our lay pastors, had brought a message on the parable of the Good Samaritan. Upon leaving the building, those in attendance discovered a family in need that had pulled into the parking lot...
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We’re All On Stage

Over the last few months I have been leading our church through the book of Ephesians and I want to expand a bit on a point I tried to make yesterday in my sermon. It is the notion that the church was intended by God to display his “manifold,” literally his “multi-colored” wisdom to the “rulers...
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