a word from the pastor

Progressive Christianity

There is a movement abroad that has been gaining ground for the last two decades and poses a huge threat to the authority of Scripture. It’s called “Progressive Christianity” and has been around since the late 19th century. It’s progressive in its assertion that Christianity must evolve to fit wi...
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Intersectionality & Woke Culture: A New Hermeneutic?

A controversy has recently sprung up that raises questions about how we interpret the Bible. John MacArthur, speaking in a panel discussion at “Truth Matters Conference,” was asked to give a “pithy” response to whatever word the moderator spoke. The word (actually two words) was “Beth Moore.” His...
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Maintaining Church Unity

My sermon last Sunday was on Christian unity. Ephesians 4 begins the second major section of Paul’s letter where he applies the great theological truths expounded in the first 3 chapters. This is typical Pauline style; doctrine before duty. He’s saying that considering God’s sovereign work of g...
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